Bagging Machines Bagging Machines

Focused on hygiene for empty plastic bottles we can get your product from the blow molder to the bottler with minimum chance of contamination.


With the growing demand for bottled water and the constant strive to keep the product hygienic; together with our experience in bagging empty plastic milk bottles, Productive Systems saw an opportunity to get the bottles from the blow moulder to the bottler with the minimum chance of contamination.

Bagging is beneficial from a cost point of view as well as eliminating returnable packaging like cartons and trays. With the characteristics of PET, i.e., static and “tackiness”, bagging PET is made exceedingly difficult. Productive Systems has however overcome these problems and are capable of handling line speeds of up to 36,000bph and more.

The bag can either be hooked automatically or manually onto the bagging clamps, depending on the model machine chosen, and after the bag is sealed it can again be removed automatically or manually. The accumulation of the bottles, the pushing of the bottles into the bags and the sealing of the bags are all automatic functions of the machine.

Our range of bagging machines include:

  • PET Bagging Machines
  • Milk Bottle Bagging Machines
  • 5L Bagging Machines
  • 20L – 25L Bagging Machines.

Our range of blow moulder take-out units and conveyoring can be used together with the bagging machines to automate the process further.